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Following the highly esteemed tradition, last Christmas we donated the money again to our "Masai Mara" project in Kenya, instead of spending it on gifts.

For this, as well as for the numerous donations during the season 2016, we together with Kenya say “THANK YOU!”

As every year, we are always informed about the upcoming needs, and due to increasing numbers of students your donation went into the construction of new washrooms and the hygienic education of the students.

In 2016 the proud number of students in the "Mara Vision School" reached 227 pupils, divided into the different classes:

Preschool: 52 girls and boys

1st class: 27 pupils

2nd class: 22 pupils

3rd class: 33 pupils

4th grade: 16 pupils

5th grade: 24 pupils

6th grade: 22 pupils

7th grade: 13 pupils

8th grade: 18 pupils

The increase in pupils compared with the previous year is remarkable. That is why we continue to support the project steadily, to enable as many children as possible to have a good education and thereby grant them and their families a better future.