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Never empty and clean the toilet holding tank yourself again! No odour and no risk of coming in contact with waste matter. The holding tank is instantly ready to use again, and filled with just the right amount of fresh water and effective microbiologically-based sanitary additive. Never empty your chemical toilet yourself again. No odour and no risk of getting yourself dirty!

1. Insert money. The door raises and the green LED flashes. Now turn the knob on the holding tank.

2. Slide in the holding tank filled with waste matter (just like with a caravan or campervan) until the green LED light remains permanently on

3. Press the start button. The door closes and the cleaning process begins. The waste matter is vacuum-extracted and the interior of the holding tank is cleaned with jets of pressurized water.

4. Once the cleaning process has ended, remove the tank. The holding tank is ready for use immediately and filled with just the right amount of fresh water and sanitary additive. The highly-effective sanitary additive has a subtle odor and is microbiologically based.

5. Enjoy your holiday with CamperClean!