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Dogs on the beach


Dear dog owners,

By Spanish coastal law pets* were NEVER allowed on our beaches, so this notification is probably no new for you. Nevertheless, please take into account, if you are visiting us this year during high season, that controls will be held and possibly even fines will be imposed for non-compliance.

Avoiding any conflict with the local authorities is as important to us as it is providing a nice beach holiday for our guests. This is why we kindly ask you for your understanding and collaboration, especially during high season.

This year, the new regulation of the municipality of Sant Pere Pescador has adopted for this summer an ABSOLUTE DOG BAN on the beach between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Also, according to this new regulation, it is not allowed to walk (nor sunbathe) on the grass covered dune sections.

We, as a dog-friendly campsite, would like to inform our guests about this situation, in order to avoid any surprises or even unpleasant situations with the law enforcement officers on the beach. However, the situation is not much different than during the high season last year.

For a relaxing holiday, we still recommend off-season as the ideal time for dog owners!


*strictly speaking, a general ban of livestock and domestic animals.