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“La Wind” sailing and surfing school

The sailing and surfing school “La Wind” is right next to Aquarius Camping and is a new sport and tourism firm that aims to ensure that all guests that enjoy exercise have an amazing unforgettable holiday.  

Thanks to the many outdoor sports and water sports on offer you can try out a new sport or expand on previous experiences.  

You can find out all the latest information about sport -  trips, courses, equipment for windsurfing, kite surfing, sailing catamarans, stand up paddle surfing, snorkelling, climbing or mountain biking at the surf station, as well as take part in one of the many courses!  

Kite surfing

The thermals that rise over the sea in the summer create the ideal conditions for this trendy sport. Even as beginner you can get the hang of it really quickly and more advanced kite surfers will enjoy perfect gliding and jumping over the waves. Our experienced kite surfing instructors offer different courses for children, beginners and more advanced surfers to help you have a better understanding of the play between the wind, kite, water and board. According to your level we will instruct you in the first steps of kite surfing or teach you exciting manoeuvres like riding upwind or power jibes.
Naturally you can also hire and test the latest kite surfing equipment.  

Wind surfing

Feel the power of the wind with us!
Experienced wind surfing instructors will help you get more from this exciting sport and teach you all the important theoretical and practical basics that you need to be able to successfully pass your VDWS basic certificate. In special courses for children and beginners we will show them the interplay between the sail and water and allow to experience gliding on the water. For more advanced surfers there are different courses to teach you water starts, power jibes and other manoeuvres. You can also hire and test out the latest wind surfing equipment.  

Further information about what “La Wind” offers is available at: www.360grad-xdream.com