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History of Aquarius Camping

In 1972 Lothar and Sigrid Rupp, who had emigrated to Spain in the 1960s from Stuttgart, bought a campsite that had been built the previous year. After being renamed Aquarius Camping, after the „Age of Aquarius“, the new site opened in June of the same year. The Rupp family has owned and managed the campsite till today for two generations.


At the beginning there were only 183 plots measuring 50m². Over the years the site expanded in several stages, and now there are 445 plots measuring from 70m² to 110m². The range of facilities was gradually improved more and more and Aquarius is now one of the leading campsites in the Costa Brava.

Using his architectural knowledge Herr Lothar Rupp re-designed the entrance area from scratch so that guests can be welcomed in according to his own style. All signs were painted by him personally!

Rezeption 1972
Rezeption 1973
Rezeption 2010

Even after much modernisation you can still see this first, successful re-design. The palm trees (in front of the yellow Fiat) which were planted next to the entrance, now tower over the building and remind us of the passing of time...


The facilities that used to be available at the campsite were minimal and extremely basic. In the photo you can see the sanitary block without a roof (!). In time two ideal washhouses were built providing individual and family cubicles, facilities for babies, free hot water, etc. 


The main building, which used to house just a simple restaurant, was renovated and extended over the years. 


A comfortable and purpose-built complex for equipment and services was built, where you can now find the Aquarius restaurant with its fantastical palm tree terrace, a stage for celebrations and performances, a large supermarket, a games zone for teenagers, a TV room with an internet café and the recently opened “take away” zone. 


The 1979 restaurant menu, handwritten by Herr Rupp, was valued for its personal touch; some things haven’t changed though, as paella is still the star of the dishes!  

In the first few years it was usual to see Herr Rupp behind the bar, and the whole family got involved in setting up the highly popular outdoor barbecue evenings. The German potato salad that Frau Rupp prepared in vast quantities enjoyed great popularity!  

Today the excellent dining in the stylish restaurant is a credit to the campsite and a great benefit for the customers.
Shows to suit all tastes are played on the terrace stage. 


The staff “family” was very small in the early years. Now in summer they need a team of 75 people in order to offer the level of service that an ever more demanding customer base expects. 

Ways with waste

It’s not just the services and buildings that have been thoroughly modernised; the campsite itself has been perfected in all aspects. As the site was very flat and right next to the sea it regularly used to flood when there was heavy rainfall. All plots were therefore raised and a slope built in so that the water can run off. A complex drainage network was fitted under the paths, which has often proven its effectiveness. 


In 1980 the first beach bar, “Neptun’s Bar” was opened. It was not until 1994 that today’s “Marlin Beach bar” was built, a fixed building that significantly increased the beach bar standard and continued to be popular with customers. 


1980 saw the arrival of an entertainer. By 1990 there was an entertainment team which ran the “Skippy Club” and the “Playcenter” every year, and has been an important facility for our younger guests since then.  

Today the campsite offers a large choice of all kinds of activities for all ages. In 2010 different “info booths” with touchscreens were added, providing information about all the week’s many activities. 


In 1994 the surfing centre “La Wind” opened. As the beach here is particularly suitable for windsurfing and kite surfing it soon became a favourite activity for early and late season customers and expanded the long of activities that are on offer on site and in the local area. 


In the same year the small shop was extended into a large supermarket, which now stocks an amazing variety of goods.   


In 2004 new accommodation was on offer in the form of 7 mobile homes. Designed to offer maximum comfort every mobile home is surrounded by a generously-sized garden so that the customer can enjoy an undisturbed holiday.   


In that winter the exclusive “Plus” plots with water and waste drainage were installed, one of which is particularly large and offers easy access for particularly large mobile homes.   


Also in 2004, the entrance area of the campsite was re-surfaced, so it was a particularly busy winter for building and improvements!   


2006 was the only sad year in the history of Aquarius as the campsite had to move back from the beach when this was declared a protected area.  

Many customers‘ favourite plots had to be dismantled, the infrastructure moved and the plants re-planted in a designated zone inland – including the enormous palm trees!


2007 saw the arrival of a new service to help customers feel good – a massage centre run by physiotherapist Sonja Kaufmann. In 2010 this service was completed with beauty and foot treatments. 

In 1985 Camping Aquarius was awarded the Tourism Certificate of the Catalan region by the Catalan government.

In 1991 Herr Lothar Rupp received the Medal for services to tourism and retired in 1995. His son, Markus Rupp, took over the campsite and has been managing it since them supported by his family. 

Aquarius Camping has had “ADAC Camping” accreditation since 1992. In 1996 Aquarius Camping was awarded the seal of quality by the government in Madrid. 
In 1999 Aquarius Camping received an honorary award from the DCC (German Camping Club) and was recommended in the same year by the ACSI. 
Since 2000 Aquarius Camping has been in the “Eurotopcamping” category of the Dutch ANWB. In 2002 it was also chosen as “campsite of the year” by the ANWB.

In 2007 Aquarius Camping was awarded the very special “ADAC prize for the campsite with the most satisfied guests in Europe”.

Since 2008 Aquarius has been one of the campsites featured in the English Alan Rogers Club. Aquarius Camping has been a recommended “contracted partner site” of the DCC.  

Thanks to the high levels of quality and the careful attention paid to the – mostly German – guests – Aquarius Camping enjoys a particularly loyal customer base which bodes well for the future.  

There are already plans for more plots, services and facilities. The story continues…