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„ADAC Campingpreis 2007“ Award

We are happy and proud to announce that the prestigious Camping Guide of the ADAC Automobile Club of Germany (with several millions of members) has awarded to our Camping Aquarius the prize „ADAC Campingpreis 2007“ !

The “cup” shown on the photo, symbolizing the extraordinary award, was presented during the „ADAC-Gala“, celebrated in Stuttgart (Germany) at the tourism trade fair (CMT) by the Tourism Department's President of the ADAC Dr. Max Stich and the chief editor of the ADAC Camping Guide Mr. Stefan Thurn. 
„And now we proceed to present de ADAC award to the campsite with the most satisfied customers…“ said the ceremony master while asking Mr. Markus Rupp to approach the platform.This award makes us especially proud, because what else could a campsite wish than satisfied customers?

I want to take this chance to express my gratitude in the name of the Rupp family and all the Aquarius staff to all our customers who passed their satisfaction with our campsite on to the ADAC (it probably is more common to take such initiatives to present a complaint…)
We think that the nice atmosphere on our campsite is not only due to our own efforts, but it's in a great part thanks to our guests themselves who create this comfortable holiday atmosphere, crucial for a great holiday. This isn't obvious at all and therefore I'd like to say “thank you” to the many regular customers of the Big Aquarius Family!

Markus Rupp